What Can You Do With a Music Technology Degree?

Melvin Futrell
January 21, 2022
What Can You Do With a Music Technology Degree

A degree in music technology or sound engineering and production may lead to a wide range of job options, from working with artists to make sound for theatre and live events to assisting the police solve crimes via the use of audio forensic technology. After finishing your education, you might work in any of these fields.

Music and Recording Industry

Is that something you'd be interested in doing if you're a music producer? Before a new album can reach listeners, it must go through many stages of sound production, engineering, mixing, and programming. It also needs a label to represent the artist (A&R), publish their work, and sell it to customers. Record labels like Sony Music or recording studios like Abbey Road can hire you as a music producer or engineer with the abilities you've learned in your degree programme.

Radio and TV Broadcasting

Every radio show, TV show, and podcast has a staff of music and/or sound specialists that mix, produce, and edit sound in order to provide viewers and listeners with a faultless and carefully crafted broadcast. As a Sound Engineer for a broadcasting corporation like the BBC, you may edit and mix audio for a wide range of programmes.

Management Of The Audio And Music Industries

To become a manager for artists, venues, music stores or studios and record companies, students who specialise in this field are often interested. Artist and business management elements, such as marketing and promotion, publication, and intellectual property are heavily emphasised in this area. Students may encounter assignments like:

  • The basics of the music industry
  • Promotion of music
  • management of a project
  • Trends in the music business communication
  • Venue management, publication fundamentals, and copyright legislation
  • Ethics and leadership

Audio forensics

When a crime is caught on camera or a witness is called to testify in court, the use of sound and audio is critical to the investigation and prosecution of the case. An Audio Forensics Expert can assist in solving crimes by improving the sound quality of video evidence or transcribing witness testimony using the skills they've learned in school.

Students and recent graduates of the Music/Music Technology programme may be interested in one or more of the careers mentioned below.

  • Musician
  • Sound Technician
  • Sound Engineer
  • Music Therapist
  • Private Music Teacher
  • Teacher

Students that study sound and music technology are often equipped with a wide range of abilities that may be applied in a variety of sectors. Most degree programmes in the music business or music-related abilities, such as reading music, are included in the curriculum. Other lessons, such as those that focus on a single instrument, can help students improve their musical abilities.

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