Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start In 2021

Marcus Costales
July 27, 2021
Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start In 2021

While the previous year saw one of the worst global recessions in history, businesses, organizations, and even individuals are quickly adapting and creating a new normal in which they can flourish. Entrepreneurs are coming up with new solutions for new problems and creating sustainable business solutions.

Business Leaders have shared the most profitable ideas you can use to launch your own business.

eCommerce is a Growing Industry

“Let's begin with one of the most adaptable company concepts available. If you've ever considered starting a retail business, now is the time to do so. An eCommerce site is ideal for small business owners looking for a career that they can accomplish from home and that has surprisingly low starting costs. 

“Sure, you could wish to create and store the products you sell, but it's simple to opt for a business strategy like dropshipping, which eliminates the need for inventory management. Dropshipping allows you to order and ship products from vendors based on client demand. It's a low-cost solution that's still gaining traction. You'll need a website for whatever ideas you come up with. Becoming a website owner, the most important job for eCommerce enterprises isn't as difficult as you might assume.”

Edward Mellett, Founder, Co-Founder WikiJob.co.uk

Affiliate Marketing

“Businesses will pay you to advertise their products if you can persuade them to do so. This is one of those company ideas that can expand enormously if you're a confident person or a marketing specialist. Affiliate marketing is when you promote the things that another company or store sells, and you are paid a fee by your customers if they buy them from your referral. 

“Some people are able to create a business focusing on affiliate marketing services, which is a well-known side hustle that will bring in money while you focus on other business ideas. It pays to build a strong online presence and expand from there if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer. You can more easily get started from the comfort of your own home. Create a blog, a website, or use your social media accounts to bring a diverse range of customers to your clients.”

Chris Taylor, Marketing Director Profit Guru

On-Demand Printing

“It's low-cost, high-reward, and simple to begin. You can create bespoke designs for everything from greeting cards to t-shirts and then outsource the printing and production to a manufacturer. They'll also take care of the shipment. This is one of the greatest side hustle business ideas for creative folks who want to supplement their income - you can use your design skills while someone else handles the logistics. 

“This is one idea that you can quickly grow if you want to go all-in with on-demand printing and make it into a small business. Consider putting your items and services on marketplace sites as well as your own website; before long, you'll have established your own brand.”

Diego Cardini, Founder, and Director at The Drum Ninja

Food Truck, Online Bookkeeping, Online Teaching, Digital Marketing Services

“As a CEO and founder, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, I noticed a shift in the business industry with people's attitudes toward products and services. In 2021, finding profitable online business ideas or starting a home-based business might be difficult due to limited resources. Yet with these limited resources, I believe there's more it could offer. 

“Since it is pandemic, and dine-ins are not allowed in any restaurant, it is an excellent idea to start a food truck business. It's also a fantastic strategy to establish an educational business, such as online teaching or online bookkeeping because it's less expensive and offers a high return on investment.

“With people being more engaged on social media, it is great to start being an online seller because people are into purchasing items on the internet. In addition, digital marketing services are always in high demand, and many small and midsize businesses would like to outsource rather than hire a pricey in-house team. Developing a team that allows you to work from home is a terrific business opportunity.”

Jonathan Saeidian, Founder and CEO of 3 successful startups: Brenton Way, INITIATE.AI and Take Sessions

Delivery Services

“E-commerce boomed last year up to the present day. That being the case, demands for delivery services increased, making it one of the most profitable businesses currently.” (Dan Belcher)


“Dropshipping and e-commerce have made waves during the pandemic because everyone is locked in their homes. This business is ideal for people who don’t have the financial resources to start up. It is also a safe business because you don’t need to pre-purchase items which might make your money stagnant. You only need to accept orders from customers and purchase them when they've already paid.”

Dan Belcher, CEO at Mortgage Relief

Designing Graphics 

“With an increasing number of brands competing for customers' attention, small companies need a sleek and professional image more than ever. Whether or whether they can afford a large-scale advertising or marketing firm, virtually every small company will sometimes need graphic design services. 

“Are you familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign? Have you attended any design courses and developed an eye for effective branding? As a freelance graphic designer, you may turn your talents into a company. You'll have almost little overhead and may charge substantial hourly rates for doing what small company owners are incapable of doing themselves—creating great marketing visuals.” 

Vladimir Novosselov, Founder of Giving Palette

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