5 Mistakes to Avoid in House Construction

Melvin Futrell
March 19, 2021
5 Mistakes to Avoid in House Construction

Building a house is not easy. From managing your budget to picking out the right materials and consulting contractors, it can be an exhausting experience. You may be worried about wrapping up construction work as soon as possible, but when it comes to something as big as this, you’re going to want to take it easy. Patience and vigilance are keys to getting you through the house construction journey. 

Here are five tips to help you in your project:

1. Ensure Access to Light 

Positioning is important when it comes to lighting. As such, try to position your windows where you can make the most out of the natural light. 

Natural light has many benefits. It can give you your much-needed dose of Vitamin D, but it will also save you from additional costs for electricity. You might also want your doorways to be positioned where enough light comes in. Different types of iron doors may be a good choice for this, as they can be fashioned in such a way where the light filters in. 

You can get a custom wrought iron door for this purpose, so that the style matches the rest of your home elegantly. 

2. Maximize Your Space

Some people make the mistake of not fully utilizing their space. Your living area should be designed to accommodate as many guests as you want. Take your time mapping out your floor plan so that you can build as per your requirements. 

You need to think carefully about how high you want your ceilings to be, as well as how wide your hallways are. When you go furniture shopping, make sure to take measurements so you know how much space will be taken up. 

3. Lay Your Tiles Carefully 

Laying the tiles may not be as difficult as other tasks, but it is easy to make mistakes. Before starting to lay down your tiles, remember to use the proper trowel. Use the trowel that matches the size of your tiles. For example, large zellige tiles need a deeper layer of thin-set so you need a trowel with deep notches. 

Depending on the materials they are made from, tiles can easily crack. This results in costly repairs and a waste of resources. To reduce the number of cracked tiles use a diamond wet saw as it is the best tool to cut tiles. Also, make sure that your tile choices are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Let In Proper Ventilation

When constructing your house, make sure to install large windows to let air flow in. You will save money, as you do not need to purchase and install air conditioners to keep every room cool. 

As we said earlier, iron doors are a great option for letting in natural light, but the same goes for outdoor air. Therefore, both your windows and doors must be strategically placed. Come summertime, you’ll be thankful for your attention to detail.

5. Focus on Your Plumbing 

The placement of pipes is another important aspect when it comes to house construction. Failure to focus on your plumbing and pipe placement can put you in serious trouble, especially if there is a leak. You can always call a plumbing company near you and just get their service.

Your sewage line should come in from outside rather than come in through the rooms. Should there be a leak, you can easily repair this without ruining the floor of your rooms. In addition to this, remember to place your hot water pipelines closer to the kitchen and the bathroom for easy access.

To summarize, wait until you consult with professionals with an end goal and proper budget in mind before you even think of lifting a tool. Invest in high-quality materials, do not rush the process, and think of where you want to place things. When your home is able to withstand the usual wear and tear, you’ll be glad you did not cut corners. 

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